2012 BP MS150

In April 2012, I joined Team Hope and partook in the BP MS150 from Houston to Austin, TX…through cycling! It is a national fundraiser benefiting those who live with Multiple Sclerosis. The Houston to Austin trek is one of the biggest MS150 rides in the US.

The routes for this ride come in three different flavors. There’s the adventurous, who tackle over 180 miles of Texas terrain starting at Rhode’s Stadium. Then there’s my route, the classic 150 miles who started off at Tully Stadium, and then there’s the sensible folks starting off at Waller Stadium who conquer less than 150 miles.

I finished all but 11 miles, totaling 139 miles. This was an item on my bucket list that I crossed out. I plan on doing it again… in 2014 and I vow to actually complete all 150 miles and raise even more money. Cheers for a great experience!