2015 Sundance Screenwriter’s Lab Hopeful
This summer I’m reprising my role as an independent filmmaker by working to submit my work in 2014 for the 2015 Sundance Screenwriter’s Lab. I’m aiming to be disciplined to write every day. I have to brush up on my screenwriting from when I was in film school, by perhaps attending a workshop on the craft, but my main focus is developing story ideas and characters that need to be brought to life.

2013 NaNoWriMo – “National Novel Writing Month”
I participated in 2010, but due to starting a new job, I only made in ¼ of the way. A good encouraging video to watch for this 50,000 word goal is to watch one of the TedTalks by Matt Cutts on developing new habits in 30 days. The main objective is to get me more in the practice of faithfully honing my writing skills. Also a good reference source to use help commit to the craft of writing is “This is NOT a Writing Manual” by Kerri Majors. It’s a great tool that gives tips on how to improve as a writer.

2013 Toastmasters Newbie
I believe that public speaking is essential for authors to promote their work. It’s a great skill to have and the meetings not only help me to become a better speaker, but a better storyteller… with a live audience to connect to. Twice a month we meet and I encounter tons of ideas on speech topics, writing material, and issues to reflect on. My goal is to banish my nerves and speak from the heart without self deprecation.